St. Paul of Tranquillity & St. Vincent de Paul of San Joaquin

The Catholic Christian Community of St. Paul and St. Vincent DePaul welcomes all to our celebration of God's love for us.  Through prayer, education, sacraments, caring and stewardship, we strive to serve God's people through the example of Jesus and to gain a richer understanding of the gospel message of love.

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St. Paul of Tranquillity & St. Vincent de Paul of San Joaquin

May, 2020 - Month Of Our Lady

Week Of May 17 - 23, 2020

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The Fresno Diocese has set up a PayPal webpage where you can send your TITHE to the Parish of your choice.  Follow this link to support your local Parish

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Boletín más reciente en español

Most Recent Bulletin In English

YOUTH GROUP:  The youth group invites all the youth of the community to their meetings every Thursday at 6:30pm in San Joaquin


8:30am English - Tranquillity

10am Spanish - Tranquillity

12 Noon - Spanish San Joaquin

5:30pm - Spanish San Joaquin


Fridays 8am - Tranquillity

Thursday 5:30pm San Joaquin

Sacrament Of Confession:

Thurs: 6pm - 6:30pm San Joaquin

Fri: 8:30am - 9:13am Tranquillity


Parish News

Mass Schedule

Liturgical Day

St. Vincent de Paul

St. Paul

Food Distribution:  Every third Tuesday of the month, Catholic Charities will be at St. Paul Church for a food distribution.  Inform your neighbors and friends.

Fresno Diocese Guide To Mass During The Coronavirus/Flu Season: CLICK HERE:

Daily Mass

For those of you who would like to celebrate Mass - WordOnFire is offering live streaming of Daily Mass.  Click anywhere in this text box to go to the WordOnFire page to celebrate Mass each day.  


St. Pauls & St Vincents continue to incur their monthly expenses.  During this time, for those of you who are able, please consider sending your weekly Tithe via mail to:

St. Paul Tranquillity

P.O. Box 575

25592 Doughty Street

Tranquillity, Ca. 93668

Diezmo: St. Pauls y St Vincents continúan incurriendo en sus gastos mensuales. Durante este tiempo para aquellos de ustedes que pueden, por favor considere enviar su diezmo semanal por correo a:

St. Paul Tranquillity

P.O. Box 575

25592 Doughty Street

Tranquillity, Ca. 93668

St. Paul & St. Vincent Updates

New Updates Are Added Periodically

Due to the continuing threat of the Covid-19 Virus both CONFIRMATION and 1st COMUMNION are temporarily postponed.  Please continue visiting our website for updates.  New dates for CONFIRMATION and 1st COMMUNION will be posted here once they have been rescheduled.

Debido a la continua amenaza del Virus Covid-19, tanto la Confirmación como la Primera Comunión se posponen temporalmente. Continúe visitando nuestro sitio web para obtener actualizaciones. Las nuevas fechas para la Confirmación y la Primera Comunión se publicarán aquí una vez que se hayan reprogramado.

Current News Will Resume Once Covid-19 Restrictions Are Lifted